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Rehoboth Beach Main Street Makes Donation to First Responders Through Anonymous Donation

Reported by WRDE on April 17th. An anonymous donation was made to Rehoboth Beach Main Street last week, the organization used the money to donate to those fighting this virus on the front lines.

Rehoboth Beach Main Street went out this past weekend and bought stuff from local businesses to donate to the first responders and said it's more than just about showing their support for the first responders but also the local businesses when they need it.

Daniel Slagle, the Executive Director of Rehoboth Beach Main Street said, "I feel that it's very important we're here to be a resource for downtown Rehoboth, also to show how much we care and how much we love this community."

This weekend Slagle went out and bought 24 gifts cards from surrounding restaurants and businesses to give to the fire department. He says the donation was anonymous but wanted to put it to good use for our first responders. 

Slagle said, "You know while they're working on the front lines putting their lives at risk so we want to help the families out too."  And the fire department was thankful for the gift. Chuck Snyder, the Rehoboth Beach Fire Chief said, "It's really nice that they think to do something for us because I know they're struggling to some extent  and you know we appreciate anything they can do to help us." But Rehoboth Beach Main Street made sure not to leave out the police department.

While the fire departments donation was in the form of gift cards, the police department got something a little bit different. And lets just say it was a little bit sweeter.

"Partnered up with Harry and David's and they donated lots of chocolates and lots of goods and we donated to the police department yesterday," Slagle said.

But the fire department is also trying to do their part and give back, and be thankful for what they are getting.

Snyder said, "Anything we can do and anything we receive yeah we're trying to help everybody."

Rehoboth Beach Main Street said now more than ever these local businesses need your support and just because you're in quarantine doesn't mean you can't come out real quick get a coffee, order takeout and show your support so when things open up it'll be back to normal.

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