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Rehoboth Beach Main Street
Lampost Banner Program

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There are Thirty-one (31) lamp posts in the center island along Rehoboth Avenue from the circle to the bandstand. With your generous support, we will exceed the thirty-one sponsors needed for each of the thirty-one banners!!?


Because of the overwhelming support, we rolled out phase two of the plan, the Sidewalk Lamppost Banners Program. This program, with the branding “A Year Round Downtown,” will focus on downtown events and civic organizations which promote Downtown Rehoboth Beach as a year round destination! ?


While the larger center islands banners are for color and branding, these sidewalk light post banners are more streamlined in size and would allow a message to be conveyed to walking pedestrians through text and dates with designs specific to each event.


These banners are to inform visitors of year round events and “drop a hint” encouragement to return throughout the year! ?


Some examples are… the Gumbo Crawl, Rehoboth Marathon, Chocolate Festival, Buddy Walk, Sidewalk Sale, Health & Wellness Weekend, RB Kite Festival, Pearl’s Cherry Blossom Festival, Women’s Weekend, RB PRIDE, and so many more!


In addition, civic organizations like… the Village Improvement Association, Homeowners Association, CAMP Rehoboth, Rehoboth Art League, the Convention Center, Library, Chamber of Commerce, Rehoboth Beach Mainstreet, and many more!

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Rehoboth Beach Main Street Banner Payment

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$475 for NEW banner designed and installed 

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