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March 2024 Newsletter

Updated: Mar 1


Spring, by Jim Mease:


The month of March is always an exciting time for Atlantic coastal towns, of which Rehoboth Beach is one. Businesses and part-time residents begin to return to the peninsula and prepare for the 2024 Summer Beach Season, when multitudes of tourists will once again visit the Atlantic seaside to escape the summer heat and humidity of major metropolitan cities in the mid-Atlantic States and elsewhere. We also begin to notice that daylight seems to be growing longer, and, in fact, it has grown by approximately three minutes a day through February, as we move our clocks forward on Sunday March 10th, culminating with the spring equinox this year on March 19th. With the arrival of spring on March 19th, our spirits are lifted as we know it brings longer days and more sunshine.


Shortly after Spring begins, March's full moon, known as the Worm Moon, reaches peak illumination on the morning of March 25th. Look for it on the evening of Sunday March 24th as it rises above the horizon. Spring also brings Ramadan and Easter. This year Easter Sunday comes early and will be celebrated on March 31st. While some of us are planning our gardens, others will be busy painting Easter eggs, creating Easter baskets filled with jellybeans, chocolate eggs and bunnies along with little marshmallow peeps of yellow, green, purple, and pink, and preparing our Easter bonnets.


To help lighten your load this month, our showcase businesses feature a RBMS member hotel and restaurants that are local favorites and will surely satisfy any guests you may have visiting for Easter. Each of the businesses has been visited by an RBMS Member, and you can read about their experience in this newsletter (with longer versions on our website). 


Cindy Lovett met with Jennifer Zerby at the Boardwalk Plaza Hotel and provides the history of this Rehoboth Beach landmark. Peter Beck visited Dogfish Restaurant, and Colleen Evans went to Lupo Italian Kitchen and enjoyed their traditional coastal Italian cuisine. Peter also stopped by Freddie's, an LGBTQ+ and straight-friendly restaurant and bar, so don't miss his view on his time there. Mark May had an exceptional visit when he stopped in at Mariachi Restaurant. Be sure and read about his experience while there. I write about my regular visits to the Breakfast Guru Restaurant & Bar, which is a favorite of mine after a morning boardwalk stroll.  Finally, don't miss Dan Slagle's piece on long time Rehoboth Realtor Jack Lingo Realtor.


As you are out and about this month, in Rehoboth Beach we encourage you to visit these businesses as you enjoy the warmer weather of spring and let them know you read about them in this newsletter. Remember: Parking is still free during the month of March. And don't forget to get your ticket for It's a Bloomin’ Dance Party on Friday Evening from 7:00–10:00pm at the Rehoboth Beach Convention Center.


Current and past issues of the newsletter are available on the RBMS Website at Newsletter I Home I Rehoboth Beach Main Street (



New Businesses & Membership Renewals


·       RBMS welcomes Lilla Cavallo as a new member at the Green Partner level.


·       RBMS thanks Jack Lingo Realtor and Above the Dunes for renewing their membership at the Yellow Partner level.


·       RBMS thanks DiFebo’s Restaurant and Shorebreak Lodge for renewing and increasing their memberships to the Green Partner level.


·       RBMS thanks the Atlantic Sands Hotel, Breakfast Guru, Beaches—The Green Truck Shop, FINS Ale House & Raw Bar, and Claws Seafood House for renewing their memberships at the Green Partner level.



For information about levels and benefits of RBMS membership, go to Join | Rehoboth Beach Main Street (



Showcasing Rehoboth Beach Businesses


Boardwalk Plaza Hotel

Cindy Lovett


I met with Jennifer Zerby in the beautiful house next to the Boardwalk Plaza Hotel, which they call The Plaza Cottage. Jennifer gave me a brief history of the hotel, which is privately owned and operated by the Zerby family.  The hotel and restaurant are located on a piece of property that was once occupied by the Shirl Ann Motel, which had been in the Zerby family since the late 1950s, at 2 Olive Avenue and the Boardwalk.


The Zerby-Meade family had a dream to build a Victorian-style property that provided its guests with the service and atmosphere of a bygone era coupled with modern-day amenities, and the Boardwalk Plaza held its Grand Opening Ball in June of 1991. Once the doors were opened, the senior Zerbys stepped back and let the next generation take over the majority of the operation (although mother RuthAnn still heads up the legendary Christmas decorations).


Jeff Jr. and Jennifer have worked at the hotel/restaurant since the beginning. Jeff Jr. is General Manager, and Jennifer is Director of Marketing, among many other things, but now, after 31 years, Jeff and Jennifer have now stepped back a bit and are “letting the staff do what they do best.”


Many people think the hotel has been there for decades.  Jennifer often hears people in the lobby saying, “Isn’t it wonderful that saved this old building.” A hurdle from the beginning with Victorias is that people felt they were underdressed and afraid to come in and bring their children. To this day, during summer Sunday brunch, you will see older folks in their finery and younger folks in shorts and t-shirts. 


Jennifer’s favorite part is that she has now been there long enough to see generations come in with their kids. The hotel and restaurant also have many long-term staff members that interact like family. And you can’t beat the view!


Things have evolved over the years.  COVID brought outside dining year-round, which continues today.  (During the COVID period the hotel was deemed "essential" as they housed doctors and other ‘essential workers.’ As such, they remained open 365 days a year and were able to keep all employees on the payroll, as during downtimes they were able to tackle large cleaning projects, replace carpets as needed and varnishing the extensive woodwork.)


As they prepare for the upcoming summer season, the Boardwalk Plaza Hotel will be introducing a new menu for Victoria's, bringing back fun additions such as the Children’s Craft Hour and Yoga on the Beach.  Jennifer adds that while Rehoboth Beach used to be a mainly summer vacation spot, they are delighted to be a part of the time that saw it become a truly year-round resort.


Dogfish Head Brewings and Eats

Peter Beck


After dealing with COVID for three weeks, I was anxious to go out and have a good time. On a chilly  Wednesday night in early February, my friends invited me to join them downtown at Dogfish Head Brewings and Eats at 320 Rehoboth Avenue and participate in rock ‘n’ roll karaoke night. I didn’t just have a good time; I experienced a perfect and fantastic evening!


The room was surprisingly busy for a weeknight. People of every shape and size imaginable were present. On the advice of the friendly waiter, I ordered the hakuna burrata pizza, which was not only delicious but was so filling that I brought half of it home.  Everyone in our group brought home doggie bags!


I was quite surprised to learn that unlike traditional karaoke where people perform with a DJ, singers get to go up on the stage and sing with a live band!  How much fun is that!


The live band—the Nick Kashashmanian Trio—has amazingly committed hundreds of rock and roll songs to memory!  Furthermore, if there is a song you'd like them to perform that’s not on their song list, you can email them ahead of time and they’ll learn the song for you by the time you are ready to visit!  Check out the band’s website to see the current list of available songs:


I chose not to participate in singing, as it was my first night out after being ill.  However, over the two hours of rock and roll karaoke,  several of my friends and scores of people dropped their inhibitions and got up on the stage to perform and have fun.  Meanwhile, the rest of us ate tasty food, had a fabulous drink or two, enjoyed watching the band, and sang along with the performers. Eventually, just about everyone in the room was out of their chairs and dancing in the aisles, singing, clapping, carrying on, and having an entertaining evening!  It was truly a memorable event.


The next time I go to Dogfish for Rock and Roll Karaoke night, I hope to be on the stage singing some Bruce Springsteen hits!  Meanwhile, I could not have had a more perfect way to celebrate being COVID-free!!!!


Be sure to check out the Dogfish Head website to learn about nightly specials, events, and entertainment that are available at Brewing and Eats and its companion restaurant located right next door, Chesapeake and Maine!  You’re guaranteed a special evening. Learn all about the menu, special events, and nightly entertainment by visiting


Contemporary Italian Hot Spot Lupo Italian Kitchen Launches New Seasonal Offerings

Creating authentic Italian cuisine with a Coastal Delaware Flair

Colleen Evans


Lupo Italian Kitchen, at 247 Rehoboth Avenue, brings the flavors of Italy to Rehoboth Beach with a cleverly designed menu that puts a unique spin on the Italian classics, incorporating only the freshest ingredients.


It is a white-linen tablecloth place with friendly, professional servers, and an in-depth and original menu. It’s a cheerful place with the kind of atmosphere that makes you want to linger—combined with an impressive all-Italian wine list and creative cocktails.


The culinary creations lead by Executive Chef Jeff Hunter are made with just a few fresh and thoughtful ingredients, conceived with the aim of enhancing the flavor of each individual element, much of which comes from organic Coastal Delaware farms.


General Manager Andreia Buzila explained certain menu items, like the Lobster Bucatini, Chicken Parmesan, and Linguini with Clams, are popular permanent items but the restaurant makes quarterly, seasonal changes to complement the foundation. All desserts are made in house, including Nutella budino, tiramisu layer cake, and assorted gelato and sorbet flavors. 


“Chefs here are pushing boundaries and being creative,” says Buzila. “We are always innovating and looking for new ways to uplift our philosophy of clean, flavor-forward cuisine. Our spring menu will offer a variety of new flavor profiles and sauces that emphasize the freshness of the produce and ingredients we use, without the over-reliance on heavy cream or butter to weigh things down.”


Menus change quarterly so that they can always highlight what’s in season.  Lupo also runs daily specials, which gives Chef Hunter and his team the ability to showcase their creativity and talents.  Lupo also hosts monthly wine dinners with a Veneto Wine Dinner happening on March 7th .


Supporting the local community is a big part of Lupo.  They have made a commitment to giving back and their involvement in community events has made them a pillar in their community and helped to set them apart from the competition. They host the Women & Wine Charity wine dinner series monthly.  “We have been doing Women & Wine since 2008.  Children and Families First is the organization that is benefiting this month, but that always changes.  Last month our Women & Wine benefitted the Pathways to Success organization,” explains Buzila. 


Relaxed professional service; high-quality food sourced from the finest purveyors; creative preparation and craftsmanship; and an overall experience that leaves you happy and content in the fact that you just ate a world-class meal at Lupo Italian Kitchen.


For reservations and additional information, contact Lupo Italian Kitchen at  (302) 226-2240.



Freddie’s Beach Bar & Restaurant

Peter Beck


When I lived in DC, my friends and I would occasionally venture out of the city and enjoy an evening of delicious comfort food, drinks, drag, and fun at Freddie's in Arlington VA.


When I retired and relocated to Rehoboth back in 2020, I was excited to learn that since The Frog Pond had vacated its space at 3 South First Street, Freddie's Beach Bar and Restaurant would be taking over the space. After being delayed by the pandemic as well as the supply chain issues that we all experienced, Freddie's opened to great fanfare two years ago in the renovated location and has now become a staple of the Rehoboth Beach bar and restaurant scene! 


The Arlington location is well-known in the DC region because of the hundreds of Barbie dolls that owner Freddie Lutz started collecting as a child. Of course, a few Ken dolls also line the shelves! Luckily for us, Freddie also decorated his Rehoboth location with even more Barbies, which adds to the festive ambiance of the space. 


When my niece came to visit Rehoboth Beach this summer, we watched the Barbie movie; afterward, of course, we had to go to Freddie's, where a friendly host greeted us at the entry and quickly seated us at our table. I hadn't told my niece about the Barbies; she felt flabbergasted at the sight of so many of the iconic dolls and roamed around the room to enjoy the collection. 


Meanwhile, Freddie himself was present that evening, making the rounds to ensure that patrons were having a great time. Interacting with the owner of a bar or restaurant is a charming personal touch that you rarely see these days, and his customers much appreciate it. 


That evening we enjoyed some wonderful appetizers and tasty drinks at Freddie's. We ordered a basket of crispy chicken tenders, which included a generous portion of yummy fries. Needless to say, we had no room for dessert!  


Freddie's Beach Bar and Restaurant frequently features karaoke night, drag shows, and local performers such as Magnolia Applebottom, John Flynn, Cathy Gorman, and Pamala Stanley.   Be sure to check out the website at  Freddie's Beach Bar And Restaurant | Restaurant in Rehoboth Beach, DE (  to view the menu and see what special events and entertainment are planned, as well as modified winter hours.


Freddie's describes itself as an " LGBTQ+, straight-friendly restaurant and bar."  Everyone is welcome with open arms, and a good time is ensured for all!


Mariachi Restaurant

Mark May


For over eighteen years, Mariachi Restaurant, at 14 Wilmington Avenue, has been serving patrons their signature blend of Latin American cuisine with a consistency that never fails to delight. Situated just across from the Penny Lane Mall and only steps from the ocean, Mariachi Restaurant takes pride in its community roots and the truly small-town atmosphere of downtown Rehoboth—much more than a tagline to them!


When I stepped into Mariachi recently it was my first time visiting. However, I was welcomed with the warmth of a longtime friend and was given the chance to meet many members of the Mariachi staff. Over coffee, Mariachi owner Yolanda Pineda explained what she believed made the iconic Rehoboth restaurant so special. “We like to think of the Mariachi as our big extended family,” she explained. And, with many family members and longtime staff enthusiastically serving Rehoboth, Yolanda’s promise can be tasted as well as felt.


Since its beginnings in 2006, Mariachi has offered a wide array of Latin American cuisine, with dishes being selected from individual national cuisines. You’ll taste flavors from across South and Central America, as well as from Spain. A new member of Mariachi’s kitchen is bringing new notes to their menu, adding a taste of Peru with their new Peruvian Chicken.


Whether you are a longtime Rehoboth resident or a fresh face in town, Mariachi on Wilmington Avenue is the place for authentic cuisine and an even more authentic welcome from the entire Mariachi family. Try their extensive menu for lunch or dinner or stop by on a weekend for their brunch menu. Find their menu, as well as contact information, on their website


The Breakfast Guru Restaurant & Bar

Jim Mease


For the last two years I have been meeting friends, a few times a week, at Rehoboth Avenue and the Boardwalk for a walk, after which we go to breakfast. One of our frequent places to go that has consistently delivered on many levels is the Breakfast Guru Restaurant & Bar, located in the Ocean block at 19 Wilmington Ave. It is a locally owned family restaurant that enjoys catering to its clientele. They pride themselves in serving the freshest food while supporting our local community through sourcing from local businesses and giving back. 


Arriving after our walk on the boards we are generally seated quickly. The dining room has ample space with a cozy feel to it that makes both locals and visitors feel relaxed. Decorations include numerous catchy phrases that will help stimulate your table conversation while you are waiting for your meal to be served. They easily handle our group of 4 to 10 individuals. Breakfast Guru is open Friday thru Wednesday from 8:00am until 1:00pm. 


The food is always good and plentiful, with lots of coffee, tea, or juices to choose from. The extensive breakfast menu includes bacon, scrapple, and sausages, along with an assortment of breakfast sandwiches. The menu includes omelets made with various breads, bagels, or croissants, and various kinds of egg benedicts, crepes, pancakes, and waffles. The menu is varied enough with gluten free, vegetarian, and vegan options to ensure everyone in your party will be able to find something to their liking without sacrificing texture or flavor—and the prices are reasonable. 


So, if you find yourself out and about in downtown Rehoboth Beach and are looking for a place to have breakfast, I would highly recommend the Breakfast Guru Restaurant & Bar. It will enhance your outing and be a hit with your guests!


Jack Lingo, REALTOR®

Dan Slagle


Founded in 1974 by retired Air Force Colonel Jack Lingo, Jack Lingo, REALTOR®, 246 Rehoboth Avenue, is celebrating its 50th anniversary in 2024 and remains one of the most respected names in residential and commercial real estate in Sussex County. From humble beginnings on First Street in Rehoboth Beach, this family-owned company now operates offices in Rehoboth Beach, Lewes, and Millsboro. Through professional and high-quality service, Jack Lingo, REALTOR® has maintained an unparalleled reputation as the most trusted name in Coastal Delaware real estate. For available listings and vacation rentals Visit today!


News from RBMS Members


Clear Space Theatre Is Hiring!


As a new season gets underway, Clear Space Theatre is looking for three great new individuals to join the Clear Space team. The available positions are:

·       Director of Development and Community Engagement (Full-Time, Salaried)

·       Digital Marketing Manager (Part-Time, Contract)

·       House Manager (Part-Time, Hourly)


According to Joe Gfaller, Managing Director of Clear Space Theatre: “Your talent and passion for theater in our community builds a stronger Clear Space for everyone in coastal Delaware and beyond. Consider applying today—or share with a qualified candidate you may know!”



Penny Lane Mall in Delaware Was Named One of the Most Incredible Lesser-Known Places in the U.S.


Originally published in July 2020, the OnlyinYourState travel website recently celebrated Rehoboth Beach’s Penny Lane Mall on social media as “one of the coolest places in the USA”! The article notes: “The world-famous vacation town of Rehoboth Beach is known for its pristine sand, clean water, family-friendly boardwalk, and more. No trip to the beach is complete without stopping in to shop along the tucked-away Penny Lane Mall. It was recently named the Best Kept Secret in Delaware and you’ll soon discover why it’s a must-visit here in the First State.”


The article also includes: “This iconic European-style open air market is found in a narrow alley between Rehoboth Ave and Wilmington Ave, just a few short steps away from the Rehoboth Beach boardwalk. You'll find some of the best (tax-free!) shopping in Delaware in these locally owned shops—many of them have been around for decades serving Delawareans and tourists alike.”


DiFebo’s Planning Italy Tours


Join DiFebo’s as they take you on an exclusive Cooking and Culture Tour of a lifetime around Florence, Italy, with stops in Rome and Orvieto. During your tour, you will enjoy cooking classes, wine tastings, authentic culinary cuisine, sites, and so much more! There are two opportunities to take the tour: May 14–22 and October 16–24, 2024. For more information, go to, call 302-803-6400, or email


News from CAMP Rehoboth


Welcome, Mark McDaniels! CAMP Rehoboth is pleased to announce Mark McDaniels as the Deputy Director for CAMP Rehoboth. Mark will begin his duties April 1, 2024. He is a graduate of New School University and has held various administrative and management positions over the past 20 years. Mark’s finance and management experience includes private, theatre, and hospitality industries. Mark is an excellent advocate for our community who has been described as grace under pressure, passionate, organized, and always rises to the occasion. Mark’s positive attitude was instantly recognized by all who were part of the interview process. We look forward to having Mark as part of the CAMP Rehoboth staff team.  


CAMP Rehoboth is deeply appreciative of Lisa Evan's leadership over the past two years, her positive contributions will be felt for many years to come at CAMP Rehoboth. Lisa will assist with Mark's transition and onboarding as we ensure excellent continuity.



News from Rehoboth Beach Main Street


Exciting Events Planned for March and April!


·       RBMS / Rehoboth In Bloom, presents “It’s a Bloomin’ Dance Party,” Friday, 3/15 at the Rehoboth Beach Convention Center (see article that follows).

·       RBMS and The Purple Parrot Grill present the 2024 Gumbo Crawl on Saturday, 4/6.

·       RBMS presents “Runway 2024,” a weekend of fashion events, 4/18­–4/21, with a Formal Style Fashion Show on 4/21, 4:30–7:00pm, at the Rehoboth Beach Convention Center.


RBMS participates in DoMore24 Campaign


Help keep our beach town thriving! Support Rehoboth Beach Main Street's #DoMore24 fundraiser. Your donation strengthens our local businesses and creates those special Rehoboth experiences we all love. Donate starting March 7, 2024, at 6:00 pm: 




On the RBMS Webpage: Off-Season Specials


Each year, locals and visitors look for the off-season specials offered by Rehoboth Beach businesses. We’ve created a chart of the downtown restaurants’ specials, based on a chart created by Michael Moreland and posted on Facebook. RBMS members are identified with an asterisk on the chart. We will add to this chart as more specials are announced. Hours of operation are subject to change: Verify hours, prices, and particular terms of specials with the restaurants directly. Please be kind to servers and tip on the full bill before discount!




Looking for something to do on a March afternoon...


Rehoboth Beach Then and Now—Take a self-guided walking tour on the Built Story mobile app! Tour takers can explore downtown Rehoboth Beach and learn about the 19th century religious summer camp, how the fires and storms shaped the community, the transformative impact of the railroad, and the illustrious citizens who made Rehoboth Beach what it is today. The app is available from either Android or iPhone app stores for free. The 15-stop tour of downtown focuses on how the city evolved from its 19th century roots as a rural community, the arrival of the summer religious camp in the 1870s, the arrival of the railroad, and the “battles” between the “saints and sinners” that influenced the later development of the community.


The Built Story mobile app is free and tickets for each tour are $10.00. Tickets for individual tours are good for 30 days and may be viewed more than once. The Built Story app is also your gateway to other tours around the world. Half of the proceeds from this tour benefit Rehoboth Beach Main Street. For more information, call the RBMS office at 302-227-2772.




Rehoboth in Bloom: It’s a Bloomin’ Dance Party!

Cindy Lovett


RBMS and Rehoboth in Bloom will hold the third Annual dance party fundraiser on Friday, March 15, from 7:00pm to 10:00pm, at the Rehoboth Beach Convention Center. Music will be provided by the awesome DJ, Sky Brady. The dance is the annual major fund-raising event for the fabulous work Rehoboth in Bloom does to make downtown a very special and picturesque place to visit.  This spring we will be starting our 6th year with over 70 volunteers maintaining 3 gardens and 103 self-watering planters.


Tickets for the event are $25 per person and are available at the Rehoboth Beach Main Street office, at the door or through Eventbrite at (scroll down). Beer, wine, and a gift card pull for cash donation will be available. Dessert and snacks will be available, as well. So—dine downtown and then come to the Convention Center dance the night away!  For more information, call 302-227-2772 or




Volunteer Recognition: Betsi Fakler


This month we celebrate Betsi Fakler, a devoted volunteer who is a member of the RBMS Promotions Committee and the Runway 2024 Committee.


Betsi notes, “As a child spending my summers at the beach, I always dreamed of living in Rehoboth. In 1997 I became a weekend resident while working and living full-time in the Washington DC area.”


In February of 2021, Betsi moved to Rehoboth full-time and never looked back. Living in Rehoboth has allowed her to slow down and truly appreciate what our lovely town has to offer. While catching up with friends old and new, Betsi became aware of all the good work being done by Rehoboth Beach Main Street. “Volunteering on the Promotions and Runway 2024 committees lets me participate in what makes downtown Rehoboth so special!”


As a longtime supporter of local business, Betsi is appreciative of the time and energy that the RBMS board, staff, and volunteers put into supporting and promoting our downtown businesses. “I am honored to play a small role in the many accomplishments of RBMS.”


RBMS thanks Betsi for her work as a dedicated volunteer!



City Update


Rehoboth Raises Parking Fees, Rental Tax Rate to Help Address Budget Deficit; Other Increases to Be Considered Next Month


The Rehoboth Beach Board of Commissioners voted reluctantly but determinedly—and unanimously—February 16 to raise the hourly parking meter rate, parking permit fees, and the rental tax rate. The increases are designed to address a $4.4 million deficit in the city’s proposed $37 million fiscal year 2025 budget, which is expected to be adopted next month.


The proposed budget, which is about $2 million more than the city’s current budget, has a strong focus on appropriate resourcing for staff, including providing raises as indicated by a classification and compensation study recently undertaken and addressing a 17% increase in health insurance costs.


“These are really tough decisions we’re having to make,” says Mayor Stan Mills. “We don’t take our fiscal responsibility nor our responsibility to our team lightly. We have to invest in our most valuable assets, our employees. And ensuring that the Nation’s Summer Capital maintains its reputation as a clean, safe, and welcoming destination requires significant capital investment as well. To not adopt these and other increases, we believe, would be to fail our team and our future.”


Commissioners adopted a citywide seasonal meter parking rate of $4/hour, up from $3/hour. Parking permit fees were increased approximately 30% across the board. Permit fees for the 2024 season, May 15–September 15, will be as follows:


·       Seasonal, transferable: $325

·       Seasonal, transferable beginning Aug. 1: $165

·       Seasonal, nontransferable: $295

·       Seasonal, nontransferable beginning Aug. 1: $150

·       Weekly: $120

·       Three-Day Weekend: $60

·       Daily: $25

·       Scooter (seasonal): $55


Commissioners also increased the gross receipts rental tax rate from 6% to 7%, effective on all rental agreements entered into on or after April 1, 2024.


Commissioners are expected to consider increases to the property tax rate and wastewater rates at their March 15 meeting.


“These increases are necessary to ensure that we have a highly functioning, appropriately resourced government that provides the outstanding level of service our residents and visitors have come to expect,” says Mills. “We are attempting to spread the burden of these increases among city stakeholders, so that both our visitors and our residents are vested in and investing in Rehoboth’s future.”



Rehoboth Beach Patrol Positions Available


All persons interested in applying for the Rehoboth Beach Patrol need to fill out an application form and complete a tryout in the Spring of 2024.


Tryout Dates and Times:

·       Saturday March 9th, 2024 – Sussex Academy High School 10:30 am 

·       Saturday March 16th, 2024 – Sussex County YMCA 10:00 am

·       Saturday April 13th, 2024 – Lake Forest High School 9:00 am 


Applicants are asked to please bring running and workout attire and bathing suit with towel.  


If you have any questions contact Captain Giles by email ( or Cell phone (302)-530-7283.





Save the Date


For full descriptions of the events listed below, go to the Save-the-Date page on the RBMS Website: Save The Date | Home | Rehoboth Beach Main Street (

Rehoboth Art League Presents: “To Water’s Edge and Back” – by Edward Loper, Jr.

3/1 through 3/10, 10:00am to 4:00pm Monday through Saturday; Noon to 4:00pm Sunday

Tubbs Gallery, 12 Dodds Lane


Rehoboth Art League: "Tidal Wave” presented by Good Aesthetic Gallery

Friday, 3/1, through Sunday, 3/10, Hours:  Monday–Saturday:  10:00am–4:00pm; Sunday:  Noon–4:00pm

Corkran Gallery, 12 Dodds Lane


Wayne Newton to Appear at Rehoboth Beach Convention Center

Friday, 3/1, doors open at 6:30pm, show 7:00–10:00pm

229 Rehoboth Avenue


Spring Fling Sip & Shop

Sunday, 3/1, 10:00am–3:00pm

Rehoboth Beach Convention Center

229 Rehoboth Avenue


Rehoboth Beach Bears

FURst Friday

Friday, 3/1, 5:00–7:00pm

Rigby’s Bar & Restaurant

404 Rehoboth Avenue


Cape Henlopen Senior Center

Cash Bingo

Wednesday, 3/6, and Saturday, 3/23, doors open at 11:30am, games start at 1:00pm

11 Christian Street


Top of the Pines

Divas Drag Show

Saturday, 3/2, 7:30–9:30pm

56 Baltimore Avenue


Veneto Wine Dinner

Lupo Italian Restaurant

Thursday, 3/7, 6:00–9:00pm

247 Rehoboth Avenue


CAMP Rehoboth – Honoring Women’s History Month

Sussex County Habitat for Humanity – Women’s Build

Week of 3/8 – The build site location will be sent one week prior to your date


Clear Space Theatre Presents:  My Fair Lady 2024

Friday and Saturday, 3/8 & 3/9 at 7:00pm; Sunday, 3/10, at 2:00pm

Thursday, 3/14, at 11:00am; Friday and Saturday, 3/15 & 3/16 at 7:00pm; and Sunday, 3/17, at 2:00pm

Friday and Saturday, 3/22 & 3/23, and Sunday, 3/24, at 2:00pm

20 Baltimore Avenue


Rehoboth Beach History Lecture

“Depression Era Rehoboth and the Greek Families that Revived It”

Thursday, 3/14, 7:15pm–8:30pm

Sussex Room, Boardwalk Plaza

2 Olive Street


Rehoboth Beach Main Street—Rehoboth in Bloom

It’s a Bloomin’ Dance Party

Friday, 3/15, 7:00–10:00pm

Rehoboth Beach Convention Center

229 Rehoboth Avenue


Rehoboth Beach Bears

St. Patrick’s Beer Bash

Saturday, 3/16, 5:00–9:00pm

Above the Dunes

101 S. Boardwalk, 2nd Floor


Rehoboth Art League Presents: “Young at Art”

Saturday, 3/16 through Saturday, 3/30

10:00am to 4:00pm Monday–Saturday; Noon to 4:00pm Sunday

Corkran and Tubbs Galleries

12 Dodds Lane


Mid Atlantic Guitar Show & Swap Meet

Friday, 3/22, 5:30–9:00pm, and Saturday, 3/23, 11:00am–3:00pm

Rehoboth Beach Convention Center