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And now Arkady is again standing at the same roulette table, having exchanged the magical $200 for the game ... There is no friend nearby, he, like all normal people, prefers to sleep at night ... But fortune is clearly no longer interested in Arkady

And after a short struggle, money in chip terms migrates to the roulette fleet. Then follows a trip to the cashier, new bills are taken out of the wallet ...

And so on until all the winning 700 dollars are over. But our hero is out of his depth. He goes home and returns with money. Then he goes home again for money ... and so several times. When the bins of the homeland turn out to be empty, Arkady goes to bed and falls asleep with a sense of accomplishment ...

The question arises: why, having lost 1000 bucks, he fell asleep easily and naturally, but being in a win of 700, he could not? The answer is very simple: greed did not let him sleep ... He was insanely sorry for 400 dollars, without losing which he would have enjoyed a complete triumph. But greed generates poverty.



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